And now for the really dull stuff . . . yup, that necessary evil that covers all the legalities. 

We like to term it “Let's Not End Up In Court” stuff, though officially it’s called our “Terms and Conditions”.  They are broken down into more manageable (ha!) chunks of important information as:


1) Terms of Service – How we bring you the Kunstvoller website, our products and basically everything we get up to. 

2) Terms of Trade – All the information specific to you buying, and us selling, our Kunstvoller wares.

3) Privacy Policy – How we collect, use and look after your information.


As we all know, terms and conditions are basically us covering our arses, but it also helps cover yours too. Two way arse covering. That’s not a line we ever expected to write.

We've tried to lighten things up a bit, but in all seriousness, as with anything you buy, it's really worth working through all the T&C's. A bit of bedtime reading, something for when you've got nothing better to do (?!) . . . forewarned is forearmed as the saying goes.  Or is it knowledge is power?  

Anyway, sheesh, it's not like we're going into battle here. Our priority is to make sure you're happy with anything and everything Kunstvoller related! Thats of upmost importance to us. Dive in, have a read and let us know if you spot any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. We love them!