The guiding principle for everything we create, do, and invite into our lives is that of 'Naked Improvement'.   

That means whatever it is, it has to be a life-enhancing upgrade on the bare-basics to get the Kunstvoller nod of approval. Stuff needs to combine the supermundane, positive, admirable, fun, and ideally be a juxtaposed-assault on hearts, eyes and minds. That is the thread throughout our work and daily doings.

Here, we'll deal with what that means in terms of our products. 

"We make remarkable shit that's not for everyone."


Kunstvoller products are a divine mixture of handmade, handprinted, hand-finished, customised, bespoke and/or collaborative pieces. From our cloth shells (of magic) to our voodoo dolls, they range from one-off items, to small runs and limited edition pieces. Whether they're made for select people, exclusively available to the Kunst Squad, or for sale on general release, the fruits of our labour will make it into the lives of only a tiny few. 

"Smothering nekkidness with smart as fuckedness." 


Being detail whores, untold imagination and pleasure goes into everything we conspire, design and make. That's right from the the idea stage, to creating the item, from parading round grinning at it, until eventually bearing to package it up and part with it. We. Proper. Love. It. All.

Every item we send out is like a child to us. We pour our time, thought and energy into what we do, all to make you grin post-orgasmically when it lands in your mitts.

How sweet's that . . . little angels with dirty faces aren't we?! 


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