"We aim to please ourselves."

That's it first and foremost. You know that saying, "you can't love someone until you love yourself"? 

Well, the same goes for pleasing. And as we all know, you can't please everyone. Nor should you try. Life has taught us we're the harshest critics of our own work, so naturally, pleasing ourselves is the best place to start. 

We're doing this by:

  • Existing for the few, not the many
  • Pushing supermundane lifestyle projects
  • Dealing in art-apparel, art-toys, graphics and whatever else we fancy
  • Conspiring to . . . shhhhhh, it's a secret for now
  • Living dangerously
  • Being more creative
  • Making and doing what we want, when we want
  • Perfecting the art of imperfection
  • Loving and delighting the prestigious few a.k.a our fellow kunsts
  • Nurturing The Kunst Squad – the Supermundane Lifestyle Confederacy
  • Encouraging people to please themselves
  • Cultivating dreams
  • Supporting other doers, makers, movers and shakers
  • Grafting on our projects (playing)
  • Delighting in the tongue-in-cheek
  • Mingling (only) with positivity
  • Snort-laughing ’til we pass out
  • Experiencing (milking) life for all it’s worth
  • Believing we have nothing to prove, or to justify, other than to our fine selves

If you want to join us in some self-pleasuring (and why wouldn't you?) get inside the Kunst Squad.


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