Sixteen-months in and we've hit 'Stage 2' of the Kunstvoller Masterplan. If bats emerged from chrysalises, that would be us. The beta version is done with. Heading into 2018 feeling like we've just launched all over again. It's mint!

There's lots of new pages on the site, giving an up-to-date overview of Kunstvoller, the Kunst Squad, and all they entail. They sit there for you, and anyone else, to cast their eyes over.

The best place to start is here. You can then click on 'Mission' and dive in a bit deeper. Have a read. Decide if we’re still a good enough for you . . . and vice versa. 

Let us know what you think. Praise us, slag us off, whatever. It's not that we don't care about your opinions. We do; as long as you're one of the ones who gets it. If you don't, we'll probably part ways. So long, farewell, it's been a blast and all that. (Not to sound desperate, but don't go really.) 


This year (always) our primary aim is to please ourselves. In fact, it's our heartfelt mission. If you go on to do what we asked – or have already, if you're easily led – you'll read exactly what that involves. We’ll be writing about how we come to that tough decision in another blog post.

We've no plans to make, or stock, items on anything but a mass(ively minuscule) scale. For now we're concentrating on handmade items. The thing we've so far made the least time for, which is crackers, as art and creativity maks us tick.

Kunstvoller Voodoo Dolls.PNG

Some of you will have seen us posting works in progress on twitter and facebook about some of the things we're making. We haven't said their proper names out loud yet (apart from to a nameless-few), but most of the 'hats' and 'dolls' you see us sharing will only be available to Official Kunsts. That's proper signed-up Kunst Squad 'members'.

Yes, things have gone official. You can read about that on the new pages too. Invites will go out when we get them sorted – heads-up that it's a very small and selective intake for now.


Like we blathered on about in our last post, until we can truly call ourselves a team (without laughing), getting things up and running the way we want will take that bit longer. Things might seem very slow for a good while yet. That's alright. Gives us chance to enjoy it.

"You can't rush imperfection"

When the day comes for us to collaborate with others and expand the collective, we want them to enjoy being part of Kunstvoller (at least almost) as much as we do. This is where systems come in handy, and why we're taking time to build them. Or, at least get the foundations ready for when we coax 'experts' to come play with us. Some order to the madness. We're pretty fond of chaos, but a bit of organisation has its uses too. 

Our aim has never been to please everyone, in fact, that's the opposite of what we want to do. For the next year or two we’re concentrating on getting shit done 'right', honing our skills, keeping ourselves happy and seeing where this takes us.

All the best for 2018. Try not to get arrested x