Sort of. Most of us like a sale. We even fall for pretend ones. But Kunstvoller isn't DFS. We're not Children in Need either. You can't set your clocks by our non-existent sales pattern and we don't want to seem permanently on the cadge. 

There's that many companies pushing for sales, 'happy holidays' and disingenuous marketing tactics are blending evermore into one homogenous pile of horse shit. We're striving for less 'stuff' in our lives whilst people are teling us "more, more, more!". So, we've jumped on our hobby-horses to make a non-virtue signalling stand.

We're not having a sale. In fact, our prices are going up. We say up, what we mean is they're getting closer to covering the time and expense that goes into making stuff. If we don't do that then we won't be able to help ourselves let alone anyone else. What'd be the point in that?!

Fair pricing, deemed by us. Princely for paupers, pauperly for princes. That's our level and we're sticking to it. (Unless we change our mind). 

We'll send out discounts when we fancy, to those who deserve them, and we won't, when we don't, to who doesn't. Kapish? 

It's hard to hustle, we know why some business have a sale every fourth-Wednesday-of-a-month-with-more-than-two-letters-in-it. We get it. They'll probably die rich whilst we fester in a pool of piss and garlic sauce. 

But, this is what happens when you're anti-consumerism-ists trying to sell products – all be it (65%) for the good of others. 

It's an authentic fucking disaster ; )