It's been that long it seems we forgot how to write. But, now we're back with an update! We'd been gearing up to announcing (that sounds too grand) that we were taking a sabbatical. A "seasonal pause" as the great red-headed one @gingersteps put it.

Whilst working on pressing things (yeaaaaah, who loves annual accounts?!) and taking some time 'away', things once again slotted into place. The clouds parted, rainbows and shit appeared and we saw, right there, in our imaginations, a better way forward . . . More on that to come. Strangely, not in this blog post, 'cause it's been hacked into three seperate ones. This part is long overdue and brings everything else up to date:

After six months of getting things sorted enough to go for it, we put Kunstvoller out to the world on the 7th of August 2016. By the world, we mean our very modest (but beautiful, obviously) following on twitter, facebook and Instagram. Yeah anyone could see it, but naturally it was only really spied by those we'd blathered with already. We managed more of that in our early, early, days than of late. Proper gobshites back then we were. 

We spent the next year testing things out, making and learning some of the ropes and seeing how things went. We built up a (very) modest following, got to know some mint people, started to get word of the KunstSquad out there a bit, saw Kunstvoller, the KDoll and the Lil' Kunst: 1000's of feet in the air, on fast, bog-standard, SIM, and remote control cars; motorbikes; mountain bikes; snowboards; drones; aeroplanes; toolboxes; welding masks; helmets; numerous human chests; babies; up on Everest; even on a tortoise and sort of on a gun; to name but a few. 

Our Sponsored Kunsts did us proud; Jake Pearce #28 has Kunstvoller embroidered all over his skydiving gear; Matt Bond #18 gave his KTM some Kunstvoller treatment โ€“ as did Ricky Barstow #111; and Kelvin Hassell #13 helped us get in with the BriSCA F1 stock cars and tick off a personal dream.

We'd slot in some Instagram photos here if our account hadn't been hacked and wiped. On our birthday, of all days. All in all It's been a magical time! 

We've done some things alright, some things we've been shit at. When was the last time you had a newsletter off us? We did say they're infrequent, but still . . . must. do. better. There's no point emailing you unless we can entertain as well as tempt you, and we found time for such work based frivolities lacking. 

The last few months have been a bit of a blur, mainly of numbers/figures and dealing with stuff that has nowt to really do with Kunstvoller. This unexpected 'down-time' of sorts meant we were able to review what's happened so far. That was nice, 'cause we hadn't really stopped to take anything in.

Looking back, most things have gone better than expected, even though it was all a bit of an unknown anyway. The first Kunstvoller t-shirts sold to someone unheard of within 5 minutes of going live (brag) and from what research told us (yeah, we do that sometimes) we've sold more stuff than the zero we knew was highly possible. Even so, it's stacks less than we need to sell.

Kunstvoller is a company, but itโ€™s not really a business . . . yet. To make it one that can support everything we set out to do, we need to sell a shed-load more. As in shit loads i.e. scary numbers (pah!) of more. We know what needs to be done and, as always, weโ€™re chipping away at doing it. 

For now, we've gone pretty quiet on social media (we have a hate/love/hate thing with it anyway, you might've taken part in our twitter poll about it, more on that in a future post) whilst we get our heads into the boring stuff related to business planning.  Listen to us trying to sound cool. We get a bit aroused by all that stuff actually, weโ€™re part-time swots on the sly. 

We're prepping new pages and updates for the site, explaining exactly what Kunstvoller is, and, what it and the KunstSquad have in store. Or at least, some of it. Canโ€™t tell you everything can we?! Once theyโ€™re up, we can start work on other parts, get the FAQโ€™s updated and posted (they pre-date our launch, #backlog) and maybes even do more regular blog posts. Might even try and get out some of those much anticipated newsletters (donโ€™t hold your breath). This will all be done at our leisure, to suit ourselves, of course.

As we're skint anyway (bordering on begging there), we can take things at a pace to suit ourselves, whilst we concentrate on getting the foundations right. This seems wiser than drifting along semi-disorganised and making a bit of cash in the short-term.

We fund this from our own back pockets, and that bit of cash, it doesn't even touch the sides, so we've had to cut spending, alter timelines etc. It's all good! We're proper happy with how Kunstvoller is evolving.

We want to keep this self-funded, be self-reliant and only risk our own comfort. If we have to give up Sky TV and takeaways, so be it. Quite simply, we're not willing to take out loans when we can see another way to achieve our vision. Our eyes and hearts are always on that *cue operatic music*. Still, don't blame us for still trying to flog stuff occasionally. Kunstvoller still needs to make some money. Judge away, if you must. 

Kunstvoller has always been about the long-haul. Itโ€™s not going anywhere, one way or another, because itโ€™s part of the people behind it and all those helping shape it. To every one of you who've backed us from the start and got involved to date, ta very muchly. Hang tight, and so long as it doesn't go mega tits-up, we aim for more than words of thanks to those who've gone all out to support us.

Tight priorities, loose morals and lots of fun is how weโ€™re playing it. We have a plan, and believe it or not, we always did. More on that in the next post.

Until then, you handsome bastards . . . laters!