This time last year we never imagined we'd be gawping at photos of a Kunstvoller skydiving rig and suit . . . the mere idea a glint in the ambitious Kunst's eye. Well would you look at these sausage! It’s not bragging to say we’re proud as you like with the first Kunstvoller / Sponsored Kunst collaboration. 

All set to buy a new rig, Jake asked little old Kunstvoller, us, if we fancied being in on it. Do bears shit in the woods?! For the next few weeks we worked together, going back and forward choosing colours, design, and logo / motto placements. Eventually we nailed it, settling on a look that fitted both our styles and personalities. Happy with what we had on our screens, the next step was to turn it over to Avalon and their specialist wizadry. 

Founded in 1990, Avalon are a Bulgarian company who use their expert craftsmanship – combining years of knowledge, experience and the highest quality materials – to build harnesses for skydivers and paragliders the world over. Having been 100% happy with their previous work, they were Jake's first choice for the job. 

Quelle surprise, our Bulgarian is non-existent. Jake's friend and Avalon rep, Krasi, stepped in to take the lead in explaining what we were after. This was our first foray into customising specialist gear . . . we're all for learning, but tackling another language would’ve been pushing it a bit. Thank god for Krasi who did a smashing job for us. Jake got the nod that things were good to go, meaning we then got to sit back and excitedly wait. 

A month later we got the first photos of the rig in it’s unassembled state. Not long after, like an early Father Christmas, Krasi got the rig to Jake, and we paced the floors waiting for him to send some proper images over. First up were photos taken by Jesús Martin back at the dropzone. It's a bonus that Jake knows some talented photographers . . . Jesús captures of the rig looked damn fine!

Being a dab hand with a camera himself, Jake decided to get out there and get creative. With the skydiving season a couple of months from kick off, something other than photos in the air were called for. He got to work with his bike and the rig, continuing the MotoX / Skydiving mashup we're running with already. The photos and videos come through and we almost c . . . erm, let's just leave it as we were proper buzzing!

Whilst this was going on Jake had something else in the making. Being the good’un that he is he'd decided to treat us to a Christmas / thank you present (awwww, stop it!) by getting his new skydiving suit embroidered with the Kunstvoller logos. How nice is that? Put a proper smile on our mush! We gave a firm nod of approval to what he had planned, and off he went to get it custom made by the masters at Tonfly

The suit only found its way into Jake's paws last weekend, perfectly timed for the Hurricane MADness Camp at Skydive Madrid. Jakey was one happy bunny. The first time we saw it was in this group photo taken by boss man Ramon. See if you can spot the subtle KDoll.

Group shot at Skydive Madrid

Team Fly4Life's Richard Scheurich was one of the organisers at the camp as well – a super nice and positive lad by all accounts – meaning a great opportunity for Jake and the others to fly with him. Thanks to Josep Augusti’s camera skills, we've got footage of that jump and were able to see the suit and rig in the air. Jake's nicely edited it into a mashup of his jumps over the last 9 months or so . Another mission accomplished with the bonus of Richie thrown in as well . . . not bad at all really!

Shoutouts and thanks go to Avalon and Krasi, Tonfly, Skydive Madrid, Adrian Daszkowski from Freefall University, Hurricane Factory, Jesús Nitram Photography and Josep Augusti Photography. Most of all though, big #KunstLove to our boy Jake. He’s doing a grand job of spreading the good word, not only with his rig, suit and custom painted / sticker-bombed helmet, but giving out stickers and talking about what we're up to. We need to get some more out to him, so if you see Jake about ask him if we've done that yet! 

Reckon we both think it's alright this sponsorship malarky . . . but it can't all be shits and giggles. Just as we're closing this post, he's tweeted us from a bar, pretending to enjoy himself supping gin in the sunshine. One day we’ll have to get out there and join him. Purely for work purposes of course, check out the rig and suit in the flesh ; D

  >>>>> Chin-chin! Being in the KunstSquad is mint. <<<<<

  >>>>> Chin-chin! Being in the KunstSquad is mint. <<<<<

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