That's right, 3 weeks into Kunstvoller launching and we're trotting off on holiday for a fortnight. No names mentioned about whose idea that was.

To be fair, it was booked months ago, when we expected to have been up and running for a while longer, with our own little racket of packers and deliverers working round the clock to deal with the floods of orders we'd be receiving. Or, the alternative version, that we'd be building up slowly, talking to ourselves online and nobody would even know we existed. We find ourselves somewhere in the middle, which means we're stupidly busy for a tiny team. Too busy to be leaving Kunstvoller HQ behind. We'll be having a 'working holiday' using the powers of technology when we find somewhere with a signal (no wifi where we're heading) and getting out the pens and paper for a bit of old-school style planning when we can't. 

As we aren't going to be here the shop will be shut for 2 weeks. No orders can be placed during that time. This Kunst will be closed. That means, between now and 10pm on the 2nd of September, is your window of opportunity. Just over 24hrs to pull your finger out and make one of the best purchases of your life. If you want to increase your appeal over the next 2 weeks by strutting in a Kunstvoller t-shirt you better get it ordered fast. Why wouldn't you want to do that? Most of us have just been paid . . . let our banks talk to each other. You can help support our next t-shirts being made (thanking you) whilst getting the smug satisfaction that you're guaranteed to now look better than your mates. 

Where we're going has naff all to do with train journeys as much as it doesn't look anything like the photo we've used for this post. We just liked it. It looks holidayish. We should be seeing lots of these lovely white 'n' grey sea rats though. 

All of you who talk to us, 'joke' about polishing your helmets, have bought our stuff, or are sporting our sexy stickers – on your person or on your stuff – you're all mint. If we don't see / hear / laugh with you whilst we're away, we'll do so when we get back.

In a while crocodiles!