What a weekend! T-shirts, stickers, compliments slips, stacks of envelopes and mailers all ready for launch. Most excitedly, our first batch of custom ordered t-shirts were hand delivered by our very own 'T-Shirtaclaus', Miss Brassique. She chose that name, not us, honest. We're glad to say the receivers were very grateful to the givers . . . yeah, that means us! Kunstvoller baby!

We've had lots of positive feedback and offers of favours already, ones we lapped up and ones we've had to turn down. Mainly because we don't want to get that kind of reputation. We're running an apparel business here, not a brothel. 

So, some t-shirts are already out there and one was even shaking its stuff at an Ocean Colour Scene gig at the weekend. It got a bit of attention too, which is always nice to know! 

Today our bad santa went on a post office run and popped our first non-local orders in Royal Mail's hands. We're expecting them to be delivered by the end of the week, and await further unexpected offers and gushings of praise. Yes we've taken lots of photos. Not flash photos, real life keeping-it-real type photos. You'll be seeing more of them in our gallery and on our Instagram account – give us a follow whilst you're there. We'll follow back so we can see what you get up to as well. Like some kind of mince spies.

As we're drawing ever closer to going live we're battling with a few teething problems. It's to be expected and, as you can imagine, causing much hilarity and smiles our end. We're waiting for magic to be done across the worldwide web so our site kicks into action, and then, we'll be pulling down that front page and putting our gorgeous face forward.

Our Miss B has also kept a journal on the more grungy side of setting up an apparel company. For want of a better description. If she ever publishes it we'll decide if we want to be associated with it, or not. If we do, we'll let you know where you can have a skeg on our blog. Whilst it'll probably be a fun and dreary read in equal measure, knowing her, it will also have potential to land us in court/tarnish our (already upstanding) reputation. You see, even we have to be careful sometimes

Whilst we're on, we want to mention a couple of people who've been a massive help and providers of the best banter on social media.

First up we have Nick from @TinTopsUK on twitter. Give him a follow and check out what he's up to. He's got some exciting things planned for the coming months (we can't wait for the SXS Racing Buggy's!) and he's still managed to squeeze supporting us in there too. Top man this one. We're looking forward to getting behind him when he's back out there racing!

Next on the list is Marie over at MMXPhoto on Facebook. Not only is this lady great at capturing motox action, she's got her own little star-in-the-making, the one and only number 111, Ricky Barstow. We don't do young'uns t-shirts yet, but when we saw him in action we had to see him wearing one! He's one to watch this lad. 

Last but not least, we've got Mark from @BlackTopMediaUK. There's a theme of 'Tops' developing here. It must be a good indicator of a genuine soul. BTM, what can we say about him? Straight off the bat, not only should you follow him on twitter, you should also check out his website www.blacktopmedia.co.uk. His writing skills are on point son! He's been a huge support, checking over things for us, giving us his feedback and he's our go to for legal advice and good crack. You'll be able to read more about that when he's checked over our Q&A's again. Hopefully he'll give the thumbs up to post them without someone suing our arses. 

Ahh, we suppose we should give 'her-indoors' a mention too . . . she's @MissBrassique on twitter. If she does anything wrong (unless we agree with it) she's nothing to do with us. We love her until she does something naughty, like you do a child.  And, we can't not mention her Rosey Bulldog. Just look at her face?! All smells she creates are forgiven. There's nothing quite as soothing as a bulldog snoring and farting away whilst you work.

Some other people – who sadly aren't social media whores so we can't share the life out of them – also need a mention. They are: Steve, Angie, Shea (Apologies for Miss Brassique's late night rants. We've heard all about them . . . and that she calls you Sheagles), Chris, Mattisons, Helen, Richard and Aslan. You lot have been a great 'real life' face-to-face support over a length of time that's too great (or embarrassing) to mention.

All that's left to do now for Kunstvoller's launch is the 'finishing' touches. It'll never be finished mind. It'll just keep getting bigger and better. As TinTops said to us the last week when all our t-shirts, stickers and miscellaneous Kunstvoller stuff landed: 

"Really pleased for you. Although now the hard work starts!"

And that was just the dose of reality we needed. Right . . . we must crack on!