Of course we have!  Don't pull 20hr days without squeezing some writing in there too. This lads eyes match ours. Luckily, we wear them well – as does he. We're living the dream here so no complaining!

This blog is going to be an adventure in itself. Who knows where it will go. We're going to be sharing the obvious news and Kunstvoller goings on, things that have got us excited and people we're in awe of. There'll be stuff about the #KunstSquad, extreme sports, articles, reviews and, naturally, stuff to amuse. We're hoping to have some guest posts when people are hammering on our door to write them. This will be an outpouring of creativity, expression and jibber-jabber. There. We like that. 

Bear with us; we'll be sticking some stuff up shortly . . . we may have found time to write, but those 3am ramblings need a bit of tidying up! >>> insert your own crazy face <<< Pahahahaha!