We've wanted to write this post for a few months now, in fact, since just after Skull & Pistons Garage came into our world. After seeing fellow KunstSquad members sharing their builds, very soon it seemed that everywhere we looked we were faced with their glorious logo. Naturally, inquisitive as we are, we had to go and do some further investigating. 

Whilst gawping at their website and ploughing through their social media feeds, we learnt that Skull & Pistons, based in Hertford, was established by petrol heads Stephen Turner and Helen Stanley back in 2014. Yup, that's right, there's only two of them behind this young rocking-garage. They’re a small team, not dissimilar to us, putting serious hard graft into achieving their dreams. That struck a familiar chord and we were sold on getting behind what they're doing. As it turned out, we share the ethos of supporting other start-ups as well . . . the fact we happen to share a similar ballsy attitude is a bonus.   

Kunstvoller is all about extreme sports and lifestyles. We admire people who’ve turned their backs on the mass-of-mundane, in whatever way they choose, to pursue what they really want out of life. That's what this crazy-talented duo have done. Whilst our main love is extreme motorsport – we love fast, loud, dirty and dangerous – on a more personal level, we also get excited by cars that have that certain 'something' about them. Guaranteed we'd end up all smitten with Skull & Pistons work. 

Luckily for us, whilst we were swotting up on them, Helen stepped forward and took us up on our sticker giveaway. She also bagsied herself a 'Lucky Lil' Kunst T-Shirt' and did us proud by writing a post all about it on her blog 'Quarter Mile Style'. You can, and probably should, read that here. Not only were we flattered by what Helen had to say about our work, it was interesting to see her take on us as a fledgling brand. Much #KunstGratitude to her for taking the time to do that and using our stickers to create the coolest of welding helmets! 

We don't claim to be experts, we only know what we like and what makes us drool. Whilst we've not had the pleasure of seeing their cars in the flesh yet, we've heard heaps about them being second-to-none. The photos alone speak for themselves. 

"Their. Work. Is. God. Damn. Flawless."

Customised and renovated classic British cars packed with rock 'n' roll attitude. That's what Skull & Pistons do. Everything they touch is reimagined into something that's slick, styled and full of 'phwoaar!'. What we found particularly impressive about their cars is that they have that branded feel, that subtle added extra – their clearly defined stamp – that just belongs there. It's no happy accident. It’s down to dedication to their image and meticulous attention to detail.

It’s really not surprising their roof-chopped custom MK2 Cortina won '"Best Paint & Body" in the January 2017 Classic Ford Magazine. Just look at it and try to keep your jaw closed. The detailing, deseaming, smoothing . . . that panoramic glass roof . . . urrrfffff! Pure car porn.  

It’s actually the second time they’ve been featured. Back in June the magazine came with a poster of the Cortina. Does recognition and kudos come higher than that? We’re chuffed to bits for them! If you aren’t lucky enough to own the poster, maybe you fancy buying the car itself. That’s right, it’s for sale. Some lucky swine is going to own it . . . might as well make it you!

If we had to bet, we’d say given they’re in the middle of setting up their new workshop (oh yeah, they’ve just moved premises this month too) we’d place our chips on them not having had much chance to take it all in. Much chance? Ha! They work seven day weeks, more like fat chance. All their effort is paying off, and we hope they are able to do a bit of proper celebrating soon . . . maybe with a full-on petrol head party!

Skull & Pistons are a garage that's achieved something really special. They've created a brand. We've utmost respect for that –it's down to passion, ambition and the highest levels of workmanship. With Mini Rat Rod, MK3 Cortina Pickup and Land Rover Defender Pickup builds on the go, there’s plenty of updates and progress to be following.  It's not that we're impatient, we can’t wait to see them finished . . . . and we’re dying to know what they’ll get up to next. 

In her post about us Helen said "I don’t really do any extreme sports, I longboard but that’s not too extreme – however I do weld. Which can be extreme, it involves fire, electricity and molten metal; I’m building a hot rod from a rusty Mini shell and no budget – so that’s another extreme! I think I fit right in." She's absolutely right. Both her and Skull & Pistons fit right in with the KunstSquad. We're all #PetrolHeadKunsts!

Check out Skull & Pistons website for more details and photos (set some proper time aside) follow them @SkullandPistons on twitter, Instagram SkullandPistonsGarage and give them a like over on facebook @skullandpistonsgarage. You can even by some of their merchandise here, or better still, they also build commissions, so why not treat yourself to one of those? It is the season of giving after all.