Well, it's not old. We've only just turned 4 months today. FOUR MONTHS OLD! That's 4 months that have gone by in a haze of graft, orders and laughs with the KunstSquad.

It's good that we've not had time to sit and blather-on on here . . . in some ways anyway. We must get better, and that we will. There's a few posts we've missed out, but, you know, the world hasn't stopped. This is swift (?!) update and a few shoutouts to some of the people who've become our Kunstrades already. Here we go:

Sticker Competition / T-Shirt Giveaway

What feels like way back in August we posted 100 sets of stickers to people scattered across the globe. The deal was that if you took some photos of what you got up to with them, then sent the results into us, you'd be in with a chance of getting a t-shirt. And that's what we're going to do. Between Christmas and New Year we'll be mulling over the photos and selecting our favourite. The winner will get to choose a t-shirt from our stock, or, we'll get them one made of our next design in the colour of their choice. 

We may choose a photo we've already shared, we might pick one we haven't yet. It might even be one we've not seen yet 'cause you haven't showed us. We've received some cracking ones already, but there's still time to win us over. Get out your phone, do something interesting and show us via email, on twitter, facebook or instagram. Step to it! 

KunstSquad Newsletter

Our first one went out back in October. Thanks to those who took the time to read and even respond to it. If you didn't, we know, and you should consider a black mark against your name ; D Admittedly it wasn't the most fancy thing in the world (it should've been because it took us bloody ages!) and we're wanting more of a focus on what you lurvely lot are up to in the future. We'll probably be highlighting more in depth stuff to be found on the site – drawing your attention to it if you will – so it doesn't become a frickin' magazine. Although . . . we like that idea too. Obviously we'll be letting you know about product releases, news and things we think you'd like to know too – we need to make a living here – but the deal is we'll find our way into your box no more than once a month. We get bombarded with enough shit as it is, so we want to get this right and make sure it's something people enjoy looking at. Something to pass the time when you're on the toilet or should be working. If you have suggestions or ideas then please let us know


We're released two t-shirts (get them in our shop, Christmas is round the corner), hoodies, raglans and even dresses as pre-order items and our first Kunstvoller hats will be in the shop next week. Next design is due to drop beginning of February. We'll be doing pre-orders / special requests as before 'cause they seem to be going down well. 

Behind the scenes

We're working on some mint things with certain KunstSquad'ers. Lucky you if you're one of them. We've also got further cool things lined up, and even more planned for when we get chance. More amazing stuff than we could've dreamed of so early on. And that is because of all of you. We're honoured that you've not only got behind us, but that you've got involved and joined us. We have kept all the photo's you've submitted and we will be building up the KunstSquad pages on the site. If it isn't already, expect your mug, your bike, a body part or even your helmet to be on here soon.


That leads us nicely into these shoutouts doesn't it? We're going to list twitter accounts because that's where we've mostly got our shit together, and for now, it seems how we can best link to your social media shenanigans. We rattled this list off the top of our heads . . . then checked the accuracy of our recollection. 78% ish. Not bad. If you aren't already, give each other a follow . . . KunstSquad stick together after all. 

Please note: You're listed in no particular order. Apart from Richard aka GingerSteps. He comes first 'cause he's the jealous / sensitive type. 

@gingersteps / @JakePearce28 / @KelvinHassell13 / @GregFishell / @NovalutionGSi / @AlanMsport@BlackTopMediaUK / @MAZ020172 /  @TinTopsuk / @HelenSStanley / @RupturedDuck / @ethanride / @LMGRacing / @MechEngDad @SkullAndPistons / @OriginalMrP / @MattBondRacer / @CMRRacing@SacredDirt / @JayMooneyRacing@G-LO-84 / @adamstan91 / @ValentinoMossy / @JamesLeggett / @jacksteed82 / @GarethHorrocks9 / @LadyTinTops@borleyrose / @BinnsLeslie / @ShaunG1983 / @firman_87 / @mossfit@the_gd / @squelchy1 / @UKRunCat / @aandpbikephoto@2stroke_stu@The_Moffat / @ThePapaHedge@BuiltToMurder / @KarlRennison / @Trailabuse / @OHMracing / @EmmaMellisRacing / @AidenChaffe / @DirtJunkiez / @funkmasterdoobs / @psychovertical /  / @2007potton / @sheaspanner / @dogknob1 / @tulki / @BHayes63

If you got to the end of this list and thought "where the fuck am I?!" then do tell us. We can't be perfect all the time. 

Until next time you lovely Kunsts *mwah*