Our first hats reached our paws last Monday and within a day they were already on some of the KunstSquad's heads. We're so chuffed with them we thought about keeping them all for ourselves. That would be selfish though, and that's something we ain't.

You can buy them in our shop (we said we're not selfish, not that we're stupid) and there's a few available in each style. That's bobbled or un-bobbled, cuffed or slouchy. All are of a kind of the pull-on beanie type variety. Yes, someone (no names mentioned) need clarification / coaching on how to put on a hat. This goes to show how patient we really are.  

We're already planning our hats for next winter . . . how professional's that to be thinking seasons ahead?! 

This is a rather short and sweet post isn't it? 

Festive Kunsts love to you . . . whether you're feeling it or not.  

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