Jake Pearce #28 

A bit of waffle from us: 

We got talking to Jake way back in August 2016 through a mutual friend and colleague of his over at Skydive Madrid. Jake's a full-on extreme addict – the perfect KunstSquad fit – and was as keen to get involved as we were to share it with him. He just ‘got’ Kunstvoller. His enthusiasm for the brand in its earliest days showed he shared our love and vision for it.

Since then there’s been a shedload of discussion and planning of Kunstvoller projects. Whilst working on one of them we decided to make things official, with Jake joining us as a Sponsored Kunst. We’re behind him in all he’s set out to achieve and are shit-sure his future is full of good things. He’s got a pretty packed year ahead and we’re all set for collaboration and adventure along the way!   

About Jake:

Jake Pearce is a self-proclaimed land, sea and air adrenaline junkie. He's a racer of dirt bikes; road bikes; karts and powerboats, in addition to being a qualified semi-professional skydiver; occasional BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot.  

Guernsey born and raised, Jake spent years racing motocross, competing in a few seasons of international schoolboy and adult competitions. After numerous injuries and surgeries took their toll, he was forced to put the bikes to one side for some much needed recovery. During this time Jake discovered a new passion . . . flying. To pursue this new skydiving dream moved to Spain, where he's since found greater exposure and opportunities within his sports.

Currently working at Skydive Madrid as a parachute packer, Jake’s managed to rack up 420 jumps over the last three years, met loads of awesome people and gained invaluable experience. Committed to finding the ultimate rush, he’s now exploring opportunities and adventures outside of Europe. With lots of ways he could go, this year he's chosen to focus on three: improving his canopy skills; developing his flying skills; and getting back into motocross. He's also finding the time for another love of his, photography . . . those skills are going to come in handy too.

The extreme lifestyle comes at a price – real blood, sweat and tears. That's all part of it. Even with 24 broken bones under his belt, Jake's still hanging it out at every chance. 

From the mouth of Jake:

"We’re all going to die one day, so I choose to live life to the full for my time on this glorious planet. It’s all possible. I'm pumped to be working with Kunstvoller; it's come together perfectly and their support is endless. Roll on the next 12 months. Awesome things will happen. If your thing is two wheels, dirt or asphalt, jumping from aircraft, whatever . . . come hang out with us!" Jake Pearce.

Everyone who's part of the KunstSquad is friendly AF. Feel free to reach out, leave comments, ask questions and get involved with Jake (and the rest of us) over on: