So you've come here on the cadge? Can't fault you. But you're sort of out of luck. Since we launched on the the 7th of August 2016 we've given away 100 FREE sticker sets. That's over 1,100 stickers in 2 weeks (we were extra generous and gave away a few more). They've been rehomed around the world to help us celebrate. But now they are gone. It's a case of 'you snooze, you lose'. We'd say don't be sad . . . but you should be. To dry your tears you can buy them in our shop. 11 stickers, each at approximately 10cm's of goodness, for £5. You can even buy individual ones from 50p. Absolute bargain. Don't be a tight arse.

Get creative. Stick them on your stuff, slap them on other people's stuff (with permission, naturlich), find the perfect places that need a bit of Kunstvoller styling. When you're done put some photos up on social media or send them to us at Show us your hard work so we can share it. That means there's a bit of fame thrown in too. See, that £5 is actually an investment in your future. #LuckyKunst.