No, not an organ, some cold, hard cash.  You certainly don't have to.  It's voluntary like giving a kidney . . . although obviously not as noble.

We've set this page up because it works for some, and to be honest, at this early stage Kunstvoller needs all the moolah it can get. Looking this good don't come cheap. 

Who would donate?  Well, we're asking ourselves that same question:  KunstSquad people feeling S.A.F in their new t-shirt; people who're sticker happy; people who are itching for us to get on with more designs and get more products in our shop (take note Q.5 Chrisor even those who wept tears of joy reading our Terms and Conditions and the delightful policies contained within. Maybe, just maybe, it's those who love our social media banter (if you've been really lucky you may have had some flanter). If it's people taking pity on us, we'll take that as well.     

If you fancy slinging some pennies in our proverbial cap, thank you very muchly.  Treat yourself to a proverbial drink on us . . . that means you're paying. Ahhh well, it's the thought that counts! 


Tsssk . . . Go on then!